Admission 2021: Understanding the 9GEMS Framework in the context of High Schools in Abu Dhabi

After months of quarantine and school closure because of the raging COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE government announced the reopening of schools in 2021. Students in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the country can start transitioning back into their daily routines while taking extra measures to prevent the virus’s spread. However, with schools reopening comes the burden of finding a school that caters to your child’s holistic development. 

Global Indian International School is a leading Indian school in Abu Dhabi. The school’s primary aim is to provide a holistic education that grooms students into responsible adults. They realise that whether you’re in the lower classes or high school, it is essential for the curriculum to prepare you for the future without being based only on academia. The institution uses an award-winning framework, known as the 9GEMS Holistic Framework, to guide the learning process. 

What is the 9GEMS Framework?

The 9GEMS Holistic Framework is an award-winning framework established by the Global Schools Foundation (GFS) to guide the learning process at all GIIS campuses worldwide. GIIS Abu Dhabi school is one of those campuses, and it applies this pedagogy for its students’ success. The Framework emphasises that future success goes beyond academic excellence. Students need to nurture their creativity, personality, community interactions, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, and other vital elements. In doing that, students can become well-rounded and self-sufficient adults.

Components of the 9GEMS Framework

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Sports excellence
  3. Visual and performing arts
  4. Personality development
  5. Innovation and creativity
  6. Entrepreneurship and leadership
  7. Universal values and ethics
  8. Community care
  9. Skills development

Every student at GIIS Abu Dhabi is encouraged to excel and nurture their skills in each of these components. Although GIIS Abu Dhabi emphasises most of the 9GEMS from the first school level, high school students stand to benefit from the 9GEMS Holistic Framework for several reasons.

Benefits of the 9GEMS Framework for high school students

  • It lays a firm foundation for the future.

Like most of you have heard before, a student’s educational background impacts their future. Students learn how to solve conflicts, communicate, negotiate, and interact with other people, especially in high school. They spend most of their time in school during the school year, which means they learn most of their habits from the school surroundings. Therefore, a school that creates a positive environment instils valuable morals and ethics. 

The Framework grooms the students mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. They develop their personalities through inter-school and community-based activities. Eventually, when students enrol into various higher learning institutions after high school graduation, they have the confidence to express themselves and interact with others respectfully. 

  • It leads to improved academic performance.

The 9GEMS Framework promotes learning in a holistic environment. When students undergo learning in a comfortable environment, their academic performance is bound to improve. Regardless of their financial situation or family background, a student can flourish under this Framework. GIIS teachers receive training under the 9GEMS Framework to identify and cater to every student’s learning style. That way, all students feel noticed and encouraged to put more effort into their academic performance.

Moreover, engaging in various physically and mentallystimulating activities keeps the students alert in class. They can grasp more information, which results in  good performance.

  • It nurtures talent and skill.

Sports excellence, skills development, entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation are critical components of the 9GEMS Framework. These components encourage students to work on developing their talents and skills. Why is that beneficial? By improving these skills, students can generate income, participate in various local and international competitions, or win scholarships. For example, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarships and the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarships reward skilled workers in various fields. 

The Framework is structured to make it possible for the students to become self-sufficient bosses in the future. Often, some GIIS Abu Dhabi high school students receive university scholarships because of their skills in sports, technology, or co-curricular activities.

  • It enhances independence

Many students from GIIS Abu Dhabi end up as CEOs and self-employed bosses. That is because the institution instils high-quality entrepreneurship and leadership values.  The school conducts regular boot camps for high school students. They also invite professional experts and entrepreneurs to deliver talks, answer questions, and complete exercises that will provide students with an idea of the professional sector. These interactive sessions expose the students to new concepts, boost their confidence, and guide them towards the career of their choice.

  • It nurtures curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in this scenario, it is a good thing. By learning new things every day,  students l start developing  their love for learning and knowledge. They enjoy collecting and sharing further information. That is a good thing because developing a passion for learning lasts a lifetime. 

The 9GEMS Holistic Framework has proven to be essential in grooming distinguished adults. GIIS prides itself on producing hard-working and independent students. For detailed instructions and application  for admission

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