Why Do Swimming Pools water turn Green?

Swimming pools can make your home look much more appealing and beautiful with their sprawling crystal-clear water and unique designs. There are certain problems that arise while maintaining pool water and one of those problems is when a pool starts turning green. It is an alarming sign that you may not have witnessed before, but it needs to be taken proper care of otherwise it will spoil your pool experience.

Causes of green water

Green water is a very common type of issue that is mainly due to presence of algae in water or copper ions free floating in water that can turn your blue pool water into green but that does you need to panic as it can cure very effectively and easily.

Algae in swimming pool

Algae can be present in pool in greenish colour like a grass and it can also attach itself to surface of the making the surface dirty and slippery. Algae can be very unpleasant to look upon in the pool and really mess up with the entire look of the pool and that can be very annoying to deal with.

Copper Ions in pool water: 

Copper ions also causes pool water to turn green and the cause for presence of copper ions in pool can be the presence of copper elements in pool circulation or fill line that has imbalanced and corrosive water. This type of water causes copper to corrode and turn green and mix up in the water.

Fixing Algae, the pool water

To fix the green water issue in pool there are different methods depending upon what causes the water to turn green. Suppose if algae is present in pool water than methods like Chlorinate, backwash and clean are used. Chlorinate is one of the best methods to kill of algae by raising the chlorine level to 3.75 ppm to 4 ppm or you can other two methods to get rid of algae. One important is that always try to prevent the growth of algae in pool water by raising the chlorine level in water and always check the line that they are positioned properly to circulate the fresh water in pool.

Fixing Copper in water

Removing copper from pool is quite simpler as compared to algae removal you just need a copper remover product to remove the mineral content from water and do not raise the chlorine level to remove copper as it will only result staining the surface of the pool that will eventually lead to resurfacing of the pool. To prevent pool water from copper you need to keep a check on chemical balance in your pool in case it becomes corrosive, so it will not breakdown copper and turn the pool water green.

Swimming pool construction companies in India mostly prefer that pool should be regularly checked and maintained and if there is a sign of pool water turning green professional must be taken to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

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