7 Tips to Create a Morning Routine and Live Happier


The way you start your mornings sets the tone for the rest of your day. With that in mind, a change, however simple, in the morning routine can have a huge impact on your daily well-being. Is there any doubt? So keep reading and we’ll explain how.

It is true to say that we need to change old habits to achieve new goals, but this task is not always as easy as it seems, and like everything in this life, to be achieved requires practice and dedication. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Check Instagram stories? The new messages on whatsapp? Or check your email?

Understand: when we start the day by focusing on others, we set the precedent that we will always put others before ourselves, and we tend to always do things on autopilot, without presence.

The pace of how you live your days, sets the tone for your entire life and your day starts the moment you wake up, right? So if we go to analyze, the essential habits to acquire a good routine will be more effective if we start to practice them in the first moments of the morning. But it is worth mentioning that this morning ritual must be created in a way that works for you – there is no right or wrong – and it must be filled with things that bring you pleasure and joy, and that can take you to a greater state of consciousness.

Now for the practical part, I will share here some simple actions that I consider important to establish a good morning routine:

7 morning routine tips to start putting it into practice now:

  1. Drink water

Start your day well hydrated – water is life! And if it is with squeezed lemon to alkalize the body, even better!

  1. Plan yourself

Making the evening a short to-do list that must be completed the next day and separating the clothes you are going to wear is a great way to avoid having to worry about several things early on. This way, no significant time in the morning will be wasted, remembering and trying to organize your tasks throughout the day and choose an outfit. In addition, if you want to sleep a little more, this will not completely disrupt the morning routine.

Routine and planning will make your day easier and save yourself from a variety of stressful situations.

  1. Meditate

I assure you that 5 minutes will not impact your schedule as much, but will make all the difference in your day and anxiety control. I suggest a guided meditation at the beginning – I love and recommend the Insight Timer app.

  1. Exercise

Physical exercise in the morning helps to improve blood circulation as well as your mood, in addition to the thousands of health benefits.

When practicing physical exercises, a series of hormones and substances, such as adrenaline and endorphins are released, a hormone that causes the sensation of pleasure and well-being in the body to start the day. In addition, calorie burning continues and you may notice decreased appetite, improved mood and evidence of improved focus.

But the best use of the day as a consequence of exercising in the morning is relative and requires a certain amount of self-knowledge. The right thing is to choose a period to train and test for two weeks. Then, switch the exercises to another time of the day and assess which of the two has the most benefits.

  1. Have a nice breakfast

According to most of nutritionists, breakfast determines how productivity will be throughout the day. It is the meal that dictates the rule of the day from the point of view of energy, concentration, performance. The better (in nutritional balance) the breakfast is, the better the performance of the whole day will be. In addition to reducing hunger at lunchtime and in the morning, a good breakfast also helps avoiding the likelihood of eating at the wrong times.

Whenever possible, try to have your meals together with the family or with the people you live with – this creates a good feeling of connection and support!

  1. Be kind to yourself

There is no right or wrong. Just find ways to bring a routine that brings you more pleasure and less stress and believe in it.

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  1. Save time for yourself

To “save” time how about going to sleep 30 minutes earlier and waking up 30 minutes early? We have all day to focus on others – and we usually spend most of our time doing just that. So, why not set aside 30 minutes for yourself every day?

Regarding that last tip, it is worth – very much – getting up 30 minutes early. Whether it is to work out, meditate and prepare a healthy breakfast – a morning routine will bring you more quality of life, because creating rituals is extremely powerful for our well-being, helping to avoid that distressing feeling of doing everything running. When you wake up every morning and constantly strive to improve yourself, you reduce stress, gain confidence and learn persistence.

Still not convinced? Let’s get to the benefits of a morning routine:

  1. Start your day by focusing on you

Before you reply to WhatsApp messages or wake up the kids to school or even start thinking about work, you have time to focus on yourself. This helps to remember that you need to prioritize and take care of yourself before you can be effective in helping others. People who consistently practice a morning routine notice they gain self-esteem and set stronger limits because they are reminded of the need for self-care every day and increase their connection with themselves.

  1. Abandon perfectionism

Morning routines teach us to be persistent, more focused and prepared for the day. If something goes “wrong”, like burning your breakfast, or not being so ready for gymnastics, you’ll know that just waking up the next day will have the chance to do it all over again, which lessens the fear of failure. It also increases the power of your intuition and sense of productivity.

  1. Morning routines are a reset button

No matter how awful the night before, you know you’ll have a reset button in the morning. The morning routine becomes a wonderful activity to start every day. This becomes a ritual. And it becomes a meditation. You start waiting for that time for yourself, where you can just let go of the stress of the day before and do YOUR morning routine. It’s your time to relax and unwind, no matter what is going on in your life.

I hope you are inspired to find a morning ritual that will increase your connection with yourself and help you to have better and happier days!

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