Some DIY Ideas to Decorate your Space with Flowers

Some DIY Ideas to Decorate your Space with Flowers

Flowers are one of the purest and prettiest forms of gifts given to us by Nature that we can share with the people around us with an open heart. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of flowers? I am sure most of you will visualise Beautiful and vibrant colours, unique fragrance and a sense of happiness in your heart. A beautifully bloomed flower, let it be a rose, carnations, lilies and so on, are a treat to any eye and heart, and it is a sight to behold.

They build our spirits to face the whole day head-on and keep us in a positive mindset. It is said that the sight of a flower every morning helps you develop an optimistic mindset and harmony, and so flowers make a beautiful decoration piece at home or workplaces. They help us stay stress-free and focused throughout the day. But it is not always possible to buy a flower decoration daily. So why not use your creativity to decorate your personal space with beautiful flowers from your garden or order flowers online. To help you with a few decoration ideas, we have put up a list of options that you can try the next time you plan on decorating your room with those beautiful flowers.

Long Necked Vase:

The classic and the first option that you can try is decorating your flowers in a beautiful long-necked flask. You can either use a transparent vase or a colourful one depending on where you want to place the same. There is a set of guidelines that you should strictly follow to keep these flowers fresh and beautiful for a long time. Some of the points that you have got to keep an eye on are that the water in the vase should be changed regularly to avoid bacterial growth, and the stems of the flowers should be cleaned thoroughly before putting in the flowers.

Sea Shells:

This can be an addition to your vase decorating idea. If you opt for a transparent vase, you can put some seashells inside the vase to make it look more aesthetic and beautiful. Doing so will give your flower vase decoration an edge as compared to the traditional look.

Flower Basket:

If you have a wooden basket just lying around your home without any use, this option would be great to put into fair use. You can paint the basket as per your room’s aesthetic and decorate flowers in it. But won’t they dry up pretty fast if we just put them there without water? You need to put a bowl of some sort inside the basket filled with water and then decorate the flowers inside them. Doing so will make them look fresh and vibrant for a longer period of time.

Ceramic Bowl:

One traditional way of decorating flowers is taking up a shallow glass or a ceramic bowl, fill it with water and further putting flowers in it. You need to cut the stems of the flowers short enough to perfectly fit the bowl’s shallowness so they look put together. Let these flowers float beautifully in the water, and they will look gorgeous and elegant.

Knitted Flower Vase:

If you want to add up your knitting skills in creating that perfect flower decoration for your living area, this option will work great for you. You can take small bowls or baskets and knot beautiful covers around them to hold them correctly. You can then decorate your prettiest flowers in those bowls and make them look extremely presentable. A knitted basket will look beautiful and elegant as it sits on your centre table.

Empty Glass Bottles:

Don’t have a vase or a bowl to use for your online birthday flower decorations? We have another great DIY for you that can help you put together the best flower decoration out there. The glass bottles lying around your house can come to fair use while decorating your house with flowers. You can paint these bottles as per your preference and further put flowers in them.

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